Preparation Videos for Our March 27, 2021 Session with Reinder Bruinsma
Who Was "Unto us a child is born:" Baby Jesus or King Hezekiah? Two Videos

Preparation Videos for Our April 3, 2021 Discussion with Bernard Taylor about "The Three Books of Isaiah in Their Contexts and Ours" (Tentative Title)

These first two videos explain why many Biblical scholars believe that the Old Testament book of Isaiah is three books instead of one.

This accomplished Old Testament scholar makes a case for Isaiah being one book after all.

These next two videos are from a remarkably good series of animations about the books of the Bible.  Without depicting them as separate books, they divide Isaiah into two sections.

This is Professor Christine Hayes in one of her courses at Yale University.  Although she assumes that Isaiah is more than one book, she doesn't make much of it but concentrates on their themes instead.


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