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RBLSS 2018 Annual Bookfest on January 6 and 13

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We hope that you will enjoy what we have been able to post so far.  We meet every Sabbath between 10:30 and 11:30 am in Room 3111 of the Centennial Complex at Loma Linda, California.  It is on the northwest corner of Anderson and Stewart Streets; however, one enters its parking lot from Campus Street one block to the West.

Although we meet on its campus, this is not an endeavor of Loma Linda University.  Our goal is to share with like-minded people around the world some of the good things which we enjoy--and perhaps take for granted--at Loma Linda.  Ahead of where we were but behind of where we want to be, we are making steady progress.

This Sabbath School continues the Legacy of Roy Branson who began it in Loma Linda following decades of leading a similar one at the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church in Takoma Park, Maryland.  A son and grandson of SDA missionaries and church administrators who was educated at Atlantic Union College, Andrews University, the University of Chicago and Harvard University, he was a specialist in religious ethics and American religious history.  He taught at Andrews University, Washington Adventist University and Loma Linda University where he also served as the Associate Dean of the School of Religion.

He was active in the Civil Rights movement and he founded the Interreligious Coalition against Tobacco and the Center for Religion and Public Policy at Washington Adventist University.  He was also active at the Kennedy Center for Bioethics at Georgetown University.  He was one of the chief founders of the Adventist Forum and its quarterly journal "Spectrum."  More information about it is available at www.spectrummagazine.org.  His contributions continue in the significant contributions of his graduate students in several different specialties.

Requests to be added to our email list and all other correspondence may be sent to bransonlegacysabbathschool@aol.com.   There is no charge.  We share this list with no one.  We will immediately remove your name upon your request.


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